Jackson School History

 Early in March, 1831, Hugh Jameson of Lyons, one of the Commissioners of common schools, sent a notice to School District No. 6, comprising Lyons and Arcadia, in regard to building a school-house and on March 19, 1831, a meeting was held at the home of Dr. Cyrus Jackson and it was decided to build a school house of cobblestone laid in lime and sand and to measure 24 by 28 feet.  The land on which the school house was built was purchased from Sarah Van Invagen. 

The One Room School House
The One Room School House circa 1910

The first officers elected were Christopher Myers, Peter P. Ackerson and Reuben Penoyar, trustees; Dr. Cyrus Jackson; Clerk; Peter Lott, Collector.

It was voted that each family furnish one-half of a cord of wood, split and ready to burn, for each child they sent to school.  The total cost of mason and carpenter work was $187.  The building was finished late in 1831 and school began the following April.      

From the newspaper

The first teacher recorded is Clark Mason of Lyons.  The oldest living, is Mrs. Eliza Stuerwald of Newark and the two oldest pupils living are Mrs. Katherine Westfall of Hillsdale, Michigan; and Mrs. Adelia Tyler of Lyons, who is now living with her daughter, Mrs. Bert Goodman.  Two great-grandchildren of Mrs. Tyler, now attend the school, Robert and Bernice Tyler, grandchildren of Thomas Tyler.  An electric line was recently completed through Pleasant Valley and the schoolhouse wired.  On Monday evening, Dec. 22, the Christmas exercises were held and the lights turned on for the first time on the new line.

School Kids
School Children at the Jackson School House


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