Inside Tour

The Peppermint Cottage is a completely furnished, two-story, two bedroom bungalow.  On the first floor you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen, a living room/dining area, a bathroom and a beautiful fireplace.  Upstairs you’ll find the newly remodeled master and second bedrooms featuring a skylight and wall-to-wall carpeting.

The downstairs living area has a cozy Adirondack charm with its colonial beehive fireplace as the centerpiece.  The living area also features cherry paneling that dates back nearly 200 years. The walls are decorated with a variety of musical instruments that are available for our guests to play.

“The acoustics are incredible… violins and guitars never sounded better,” says owner Mark De Cracker, who has written numerous songs within those inspirational walls.  The Peppermint Cottage, with its touch of the Adirondacks, is not only a great romantic getaway, it is also a very inspiring one.

"Take a step back in time to the simple pleasures of life."