Cottage History

Immediately adjacent to the Peppermint Cottage is our main residence which was once known as the Jackson School House.  A cobblestone structure, the school house was built in 1829 by relatives of Andrew Jackson. The building remained in use as a school house until Judson and Isabel Rice purchased it in 1947. Isabel Rice was known for her hooked wool rugs and wildflower gardens.  Judson Rice was known as the “Tin Man.”

Judson Rice spent his days in his workshop making tin chandeliers and other tin-based items.  His favorite perch was in front of the fireplace.  Today, this historic place of repose serves as the living room for the Peppermint Cottage B&B.

One of the Tin Man’s creations (an ornamental tin chandelier) still graces the dining room area in the cottage.

"Take a step back in time to the simple pleasures of life."